AHW pics

Wild City promo 2

This is a promo shot for my series on urban animals “Wild City”


This is a press clipping from my work rehabilitating wildlife for the humane society.

blandings pic

This is a still of a Blanding’s turtle I took when I was filming “Alpha Heart Wildlife presents The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center.” They are sometimes called Ontario’s “smiling turtle” because of their unique facial structure that makes them look like they’re smiling. This is one of the 7 species of turtle in Ontario that are considered at risk due to habitat loss and road fatalities.


White Rhino from Tampa Zoo, definitely one of my top three favorite animals ever!

me and snapping turtle 1

Learning how to pick up snapping turtles off of roads while filming “Alpha Heart Wildlife presents the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center”

pierre 3

This is a buck I had the pleasure of hanging out with in Montebello. He only had one antler which is perfectly normal as they shed every winter. Cervids spend an incredible amount of energy regenerating antlers yearly as a display of strength and fertility.


Black Velvet Tarantula I found on Christmas day outside of a tequila bar in Cozumel, Mexico. Arachnid behavior is complex and despite half inch venomous fangs and urticating hairs on her abdomen, there was little risk in handling this spider. Her venom is as potent as a bee’s and she was pretty relaxed. I call it a “she” because the males don’t get this big, as is the case with many spiders.


Tetraodontidae (a.k.a puffer fish) found in Key West. This incredible fish has unique adaptations such as the ability to stretch it’s stomach with air or water, independent eye movement, aposematism (warning coloration) and ovaries full of deadly tetrodotoxin – a potent neurotoxin with no known antidote. After taking this picture I released her back into the water, she floated off into the sunset  before quickly deflating and submerging.


Sugar glider!


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